Information for Parents of Incoming Freshmen

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Policies and Procedures

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

State wide, 10% of students enrolled in Texas universities are not ready for college level work in English and math (min. scores of 351 and 350, respectively). If your son/daughter is not TSI complete, be sure he/she lets the advisor know so he/she may be registered for developmental courses.

$1,000 Tuition Rebate

The College For All Texans Foundation offers a $1,000 Tuition Rebate incentive for those meeting idealistic criteria with regard to GPA, adherence to degree curricula, and time taken to complete the degree.

120 Credit Hour Statute

Since 2008 THECB has required that all baccalaureate degrees be no more than 120 credit hours, provided the degree would still be accreditable (see credit hours at bottom of art, music, or theatre sheets).

Six Course Drop Rule

THECB declared in 2007 that an undergraduate may not drop more than six courses, including any courses taken at other institutions.

30 Plus Credit Hour Rule

THECB ruled that out-of-state tuition rates will be charged for courses when students reach more than 30 credit hours over the minimum contained in the basic BA, BM, or BFA degree plan. Visit the following link for more information: Tuition Charged for Excessive Undergraduate Credit Hours

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy of student records. FERPA gives parents rights with respect to their children’s education records, until the student reaches the age of 18. For students 18 or older, universities must have written permission from the student in order to release any information from their record. Students wishing for parents to have access to these records must go to the second floor of the Rusk building (with their student ID) and complete a form waiving their FERPA rights.

Fixed Rate Tuition

Parents have a choice to take the standard $192 tuition rate that almost certainly will increase year after year, or the $226 rate that will be fixed for 12 semesters. The SFA Business Office offers an online tuition calculator that may help in making tuition decisions.

Credit for Courses Not Taken at SFA

Credit shows on transcript Grade counts toward GPA on transcript Counts toward excessive (30+) hours
Advanced Placement (AP) yes no no
CLEP yes no yes
Credit by exam yes no yes
Concurrent enrollment yes no (except Nacogdoches ISD) no
Dual credit enrollment yes no (except Nacogdoches ISD) no
Transfer credit yes no yes

Additional Major

This is the term used by the Registrar’s Office to indicate that a student has elected to expand the standard minor to an additional major. The only method the Registrar’s Office has of designating this is on the transcript. The University awards only one degree, and only one diploma. The terms “second major” or “double major” are not officially recognized or used at SFA. An additional major will require at least 30 credit hours and include any prerequisites of the additional major (except general education core courses would not be repeated). For these reasons, those wishing to pursue an additional major are cautioned that the extra hours are applied to the “30 Plus Credit Hour Rule” and may result in out-of-state tuition charges.

Second Baccalaureate Degrees

This requires a minimum of 30 semester hours over and above the first degree. At the discretion of the school director, courses completed in the first bachelor’s degree may be applied to the requirements for the second bachelor’s degree (such as the major of the first degree counting as the minor for the second degree). This is governed by SFA policy 6.18: Academic Students.

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