The mission of the College of Fine Arts is to contribute to that of the University. To do this, our activities are centered around discipline-specific study, and inter-disciplinary collaboration in preparing students for careers in the visual and performing arts. Moreover, as a “window” through which the community views the institution, the College’s mission is also to project a progressive image for the University that is full of vitality, and continually evolving toward excellence.

The primary goals of the College are the following:

  • To provide appropriate professional preparation to students aspiring to careers in the visual and performing arts;
  • To provide relevant educational experiences in the arts for the general university students who may elect courses within the College for the purpose of expanding and enriching their experiences;
  • To provide comprehensive and quality visual and performing art experiences for the University and East Texas community;
  • To provide a quality faculty who are a) effective teachers, b) current and active in their disciplines, and c) engaged in meaningful service; and
  • To provide and support additional activities and opportunities appropriate to the mission of the University.

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