Name: Position: Office: Phone: Email: Contact For:
Stephen Bacarisse
  • Assistant Technical Director, College of Fine Arts
  • Assistant Technical Director, School of Theatre
FA202E 936.468.1024 show advancement
John W. Goodall
  • Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts
  • Professor, School of Music
M257 936.468.1303 scheduling of shows for University Series
Robbie Goodrich Arts Information FA211C 936.468.5820 marketing information for art, music and theatre events
A.C. Himes Dean FA205C 936.468.2801 Dean’s Circle, academic suspension
Florence Lunsford Assistant to the Dean FA205 936.468.2801 Turner Auditorium scheduling, reinstatement/late adds, gifts/donations, academic suspension
Diane J. Peterson Box Office Manager FA211B 936.468.6407
Lisa Rodrigues Academic Advisor FA205 936.468.2801 curriculum check for graduation/review of graduation audit, degree plan requests
Alan Scott Web Design Specialist FA204 936.468.7317 College of Fine Arts website development and maintenance
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